Illumina Care Group and GMA Healthcare Ltd are a group of 5 care homes based in Middlesbrough and picked Maxi’s Mates as their charity to support on recent fundraising events.
They held raffles across the group and raised a fantastic £860 for us.
They all are amazing people and love watching our dogs on this page getting adopted and caring for the ones that haven’t been yet.
Thank you all so very much this will help funds very much.
It was so lovely to get to meet some of you the other day when I came to collect the cheque.


We have the best news ever to tell you!
We have won a grant of 27k from the Support Adoption For Pets, Pets At Home Charity.
We are absolutely over the moon and this means a very very Happy New Year for our long termers.
The grant is for 6 bigger kennels to be built with outside runs and they can access this themselves any time during kennel hours.
Their quality of life whilst in kennels is going to be improved so much. It’s a fantastic start to the year and a big asset to Maxi’s Mates and a huge increase in the standard of care we want so much for our dogs. Especially for the ones who think of Maxi’s as their home.
Work will start in the early part of the year and we will keep you all updated with photos.
Winning the grant means a very Happy New Year for Maxi’s Mates.


We would like to say a massive thank you to Jim McTaggart. He came Friday, paid for the hire of the digger himself and over three days completely cleared the waste land for another paddock.
He made a huge hill which are dogs are going to love so much, running up and down it.
I’m sure around the hill is a great track for zoomies, which our lurchers and greyhounds will find out.
We would also like to thank his wife Annie, the lady who runs the Central Pub in Middlesbrough for the £110 raised so far from the collection boxes they took.
We have such amazing support we can’t thank them both enough.
Jim McTaggarth


We have been given a fabulous van from Adrian at Redcar Auto & Performance. This is an incredible donation from him and we are so grateful to receive it.
This is going to be such an asset to us. We can transport the dogs safety , pick up stray dogs and also bigger donations as it’s a big van.
We would also like to thank Amanda & James Burns from James Print who donated, designed, supplied and put on the signage . We think it looks fantastic and so happy to see our much loved and much missed Maxi on all the sides ❤️.
We are so proud of this we all think it’s amazing.
Thank you both from the bottom of our hearts.
Donated by Redcar Auto & Performance


Signage donated by James Print

Tesco Extra Stockton Donation

Kelly from Tesco Extra, Stockton came to kennels last week bringing a fabulous donation of towels,bedding,treats for the dogs. They also brought our hard working staff and volunteers some biscuits and chocolate for their tea break. 
Not only that but £100 cash and a £100 gift card to spend on the dogs in store.
We are so lucky to have such wonderful support and this helps us make sure all the dogs in our care are very well looked after.