Treats Donation

Joey brought lots of treats to kennels last week, bought by him and his sister Lilly. They do acts of kindness using their own money in remembrance of their brother Leo, who passed away. This is such a wonderful and kind thing to do and what a lovely way to honour Leo. Children to be proud of.


We received a fantastic surprise in the post from Easby Hall, Great Ayton, granting us a cheque of £2000. This was for funds and they said they wanted to support the great work we do for the dogs.
It’s amazing and totally out of the blue. We will certainly put it to good use.
Easby Hall


FUNDS RAISED £2636.43 
We would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone that helped at the fun dog show today. Your hard work was very much appreciated.
Another huge thank you to all the businesses who sponsored the show and those that also gave raffle prizes it was very kind.
People that baked for us and also brought up raffle and tombola prizes. It all helped raise so much money.
Also everyone that came and took part in it and generously supported Maxi’s Mates. Fantastic team work and together we have all raised a fabulous £2636.43
Thank you all so very much. Brilliant turnout and it was lovely to see so many dogs all different shapes, sizes and breeds.
Thanks again and we are grateful for the support you show as always.
To see the photos kindly taken by RedlightBulb Photography please click the link below
A short video of the photos are available to see here 


We would like to thank Everly for donating £56 at kennels yesterday.
She told us they recently lost some chickens to a fox. She was so upset about this.
They bought some more and she wanted to do something to remember those lost. Everly did a raffle for the honour of naming one of them, amongst her family and friends.
She thought by doing this and donating to an animal charity something good would come from the bad.
Can I introduce you please to a lump of cheddar cheese……
Our dogs are delighted to support the team tomorrow night, and as a thank you to all of our supporters they wanted to show you their football skills!!
Thank you all for your continued support, our dogs especially our long termers who consider Maxis to be their home wouldn’t be here without you. Our longest termer has been with us 4 years already.
Football is coming home…we hope one day we can say the same for all of our dogs and they will be going to their home.
We need your support now more than ever and we are grateful for all donations.
Massive thank you to Hope Wray for making this video ❤️🐶.


We would like to thank the friends and family of Ann Motson. She was a huge dog lover and donations from them have made to animal charities in her honour.
Maxi’s Mates received £153 this week and we thank you all very much.
Also Kevin Peart, sadly passed away and this is the collection from his funeral. Kevin adopted Eric one of our dogs who has now been rehomed with friends of his, he would have been so happy Eric’s with people he knows. The donation was £220 and we thank all his family and friends very much.