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Monica Teodorescu lives in Bucharest, Romania.
Monica is a school teacher with a husband and young daughter but in her spare time, she rescues dogs from the streets and from Bucharest’s municipal ‘kill’ shelters.
Romania has many street dogs. Sometimes these are pets whose owners no longer want them and others have been born on the streets and fought to survive.
Whilst on the streets, not only do these dogs have the daily struggle of finding food and shelter, they are at risk of being run over, freezing to death during the cold, harsh winters, or caught by the dog catchers who take them to one of Romania’s municipal ‘kill’ shelters. Whilst in these kill shelters the dogs are starved, beaten, poisoned and many suffer a very slow painful death.
People may ask why adopt a dog from Romania when there are so many dogs in need of homes our doorstep. The answer is right here….
It is estimated that there are up to a million dogs living on the streets of Romania. You will see them just about everywhere you go – in the parks, wandering on every pavement, sleeping under parked cars and in social gatherings around restaurants and rubbish bins. Whilst many adapt to life on the streets, it is not uncommon to see them wandering around with terrible injuries having been hit by a car, or with wounds sustained from fighting with another dog.
Many locals are sympathetic towards the street dogs, but unfortunately, the Government’s method of attempting to deal with them is far from sympathetic. The laws on terminating the lives of these dogs has gone back and forth many times, but, the ‘euthanasia’ of stray dogs was legalised in Romania in September 2013 when the Romania President pushed through a law allowing the euthanasia of dogs 14 days after their capture. Unfortunately, however, ‘euthanisia’ is a euphemism for inhumane slaughter.
State appointed dog catchers are responsible for rounding up these dogs from the streets. It isn’t uncommon to see them beating the dogs to death, shooting them, setting them on fire or feeding them with food laced with poison. As if this isn’t bad enough, the rest are taken to one of Romania’s municipal shelters. One would like to think that these shelters are like the shelters we see in the UK where dogs are cared for and worked with until they can be re-homed. Sadly, however, they aren’t and the fact that these shelters are commonly referred to by many as ‘kill shelters’ just about sums up the squalid, over-crowded concentration camps where the dogs are just waiting to die, out of the public eye.
The dogs are starved to the point where they often have to feed on the dead bodies of the ones that have passed away. They are cremated whilst still alive, poisoned with an injection of petrol (or some other fatal toxin) straight to the heart, or simply beaten to death. No attempt is made to look after them or re-home them; they just live out the rest of their days in a sad, lonely, hungry, thirsty, beaten and painful state. Fights, often fatal, are commonplace but no one cares. These kill shelters really are a fate worse than death for these poor souls.
We at Maxi’s Mates are proud to announce that we are working with Monica’s Romanian rescue and have built this sanctuary corner just for dogs transported over from Romania. Its called the Rommie Room and has three new refurbished kennels in. We feel we can help some of these poor souls by bringing them over to the UK and trying to find them their loving permanent homes that these dogs really do deserve!
Many of these dogs have never been cuddled and loved, most of them have never been off the streets or out of kennels . They are just desperate for somebody to be patient and understanding with them, and more importantly just to be loved.
If you feel that you have the patience and a big heart to offer one of these dogs a home and to give them one true chance of being loved and cherished, please contact us by inbox or comment on here.
These special dogs are looking for extra special homes. Could you be one of them?