Tennis Ball donations

We would like to say thank you very much to Tennis World for donating a huge box of used tennis balls for our dogs to enjoy. Enzo is having fun in the paddock with one. We really appreciate it and the other people who have been donating balls to the recent plea for them by Karen Bingham. So many people are very kind.

Enzo’s happy



He’s had the operation. Was a lot of muscle damage which has all been repaired. He’s recovering very well and is ready to be picked up soon. Thank you all that helped make this possible. Will post some photos once he’s feeling better. 😊

This is from the vet.

Strider’s wound today.
Surgery was complex and took some time but I am happy with the level of closure gained and decontamination of the wound achieved. There is still a risk that complications could arise however these should be reduced now we have had a successful surgical repair.

We have had to come to the aid of a young lurcher who was found with a huge gash from shoulder to neck .

We made an appointment to take him to the vets as we had a call this morning saying a dog was in a bad way and looked like he was dying.

He’s at the vets now. He needs an operation today as it all needs cleaning, repairing and restitching . The wound is very deep . Estimated cost of the operation is £1312.

We just can’t afford that ourselves , we are feeling the effects of the Covid 19 and struggling to meet our monthly running costs as it is . But we couldn’t not try to help this dog otherwise he would have to be put to sleep .

We are hoping that people might help us and contribute towards the vet bill. Any amount even a £1 will help if lots donate.

Please help Maxi’s Mates to save this lads life

The ways to donate to Striders appeal are :

Direct from your bank account to our bank account- no charges and safe and secure. Please inbox for details
Please remember to select family and friends so PayPal don’t take a fee out of your donation
to email:

Donation of new beds

We would like to say a big thank you to Darren from DG plumbing & Heating for donating around 20 new beds for our dogs to go home with on adoption. Lucky is modelling hers here. Also thank you to Darren for donating £50 towards the winter warmth campaign. It’s very much appreciated thank you again .


We have been handed a huge cheque this morning for £2150. This fantastic amount was raised by Paul king, Stephen Moore ,Jason Lowe ,Barry Willis , Ray Kennedy, Nathan Kennedy , Ste Young and James Davidson who did a coast to coast bike ride .
It’s an Incredible amount and will make a huge difference to our dogs this winter. Thank you all so much


We would like to say a very special thank you to this wonderland young lady Hope Wray.
She’s not only painted the entrance and the kitchen on Friday but has raised a fantastic £340 for our dogs ! Such a very kind and generous girl and we really appreciate it .


We have had a cheque for £2290.00 from The Crown & Anchor from their fund raising events this summer. Its an incredible amount and we are so lucky to have such fantastic support from this wonderful group of people.

Thank you to everyone that helped, donated and took part in this. We really appreciate it.




A very big thank you Jackie and all her colleagues at PX ltd for a fantastic amount of £1330. They wanted to do something for us after seeing Prince and the terrible state he came into kennels in . Thank you all so much .


We have some incredible news and it’s all down to the people on here that voted for Maxi’s Mates in the recent Support Adoption For Pets campaign “Love to Give “.
We came first in our area 😊🐶.
The prize is £5000 and £2500 in vouchers to spend in Pets At Home , so a fabulous £7500 for our dogs .
It’s the most we have ever been awarded and will make such a difference to us and this was possible because of our massive online support .
Thank you to every single person that voted from all of us at Maxi’s Mates