It’s that time of year again, it’s getting colder on a night and we will be starting to leave the heat lamps on for our dogs , at least overnight to begin with. We are asking for your help to raise money to continue to spread a little winter warmth to all the dogs in our care this coming winter.
We also need to buy another 10 heat lamps priced at £25 each and this includes replacing some that have been damaged by the dogs jumping up.
The costs of running the lamps are very high . Although the heat lamp is the cheapest way to keep the dogs warm , when it’s on 24 hours a day almost, it adds up to huge bills . On average £1300 per month over the winter .
The kennels are so cold without the lamps and would make the dogs life quite miserable without these to keep them warm and cozy. No damp bedding too , all nice and dry to snuggle up in .
Please help us spread a little warmth this winter . The dogs in kennels don’t have homes like our own dogs do, but until they are lucky enough to be adopted , we can make their lives as happy as possible .
Direct from your bank account to our bank account- no charges and safe and secure.
Please email  or ring/text 07507104636  if you would like the bank details
Paypal no fee if you pay family and friends to email:
Maxi’s Mates Christmas Appeal 2020 
It’s nearly Christmas and we are starting to be asked about presents for our dogs in our care .
We are always so grateful and overwhelmed by the support we receive. Ordinarily we would say treats and toys as Christmas gifts for our dogs, however this year due to COVID 19 and the struggles we are facing every month to keep operating , we are politely asking that in lieu of a gift, could you please make a small donation.
We never like to ask for funding unless it’s urgent but now more than ever we need to safeguard the future of our stray and abandoned dogs and make sure they have a safe place to live whilst they don’t have a home. Not just for this Christmas but the following Christmas.
Please support Maxi’s Mates we need it as always but it’s never been more important to us as it is now!
🎅🏻 Ways to donate 🎅🏻
From your bank please comment on post and we will inbox the bank details to you
PayPal either from the donate button here or direct to
Please select friends and family so no fee is taken out
At kennels or cheque to Maxi’s Mates, Carlin Howe Farm, Redcar Rd, Dunsdale. TS14 6RG
For people that would still prefer to buy anything for them we have a wish list :