Maxi’s Volunteers

Maxi’s Mates have a large group of dedicated volunteers but there is always room for more.

We always need volunteers. We need people to walk the dogs, its vital to the dogs well being that they are exercised, socialised and have caring human contact daily. Walking times are daily 12-3 pm everyday.

We also need fund raising volunteers. People who have a little time to give up and willing to either join in with an arranged street collecting event, or bag packing at a local supermarket.

You can also help with collecting bedding, food for us either at your work place, or in community. Some people even choose to do a sponsored event like a walk, climbing Roseberry Topping or taking part in fun runs etc. This is a fantastic way to support our work if your time is very limited with work or family commitments.

Sometimes its  not for the faint hearted as it can be very upsetting . But the thing that makes you stronger is you know you are making a difference even in the worse of situations . If we didn’t have this new facility and our dedicated volunteers a lot of these strays where would they go ? Redcar and Cleveland strays don’t have this worry as the pound they would go to is  us . We are however much more than a pound . We never put a dog to sleep. Dogs with behaviour issues we don’t give up on them. We have 5 in our care at the moment that can’t be rehomed but we are working with them until they are lucky enough to get a space in a behaviourist rescue .

So if you would like to join our volunteers please phone Maxi’s Mates 07507104636 or email to find out more.

Tom Pink
Joanne Frost, Dee, Lesley Jones & Antonia Boyd
Denise & Tom
Karen & Winston
Jane & Maxi
Hope & Enzo