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Maxi’s Mates need your help. We are all facing very worrying times and an uncertain future . But we are determined to make sure all of the 32 dogs in our care now and the future strays are safe . Can you help us ?

We can’t close our doors at all , we don’t and wouldn’t want that luxury anyway. The strays need a safe place to go otherwise who is going to help them?

Maxi’s face the biggest threat to our survival over the next few weeks/months ahead with little or no income. We have costs around £6000/7000 per month that without adoptions, kind donations from the public and fund raising events we can’t cover this.

We dread to think what will happen, all the dogs depend on us to keep them safe when no one else can. At least half of our dogs won’t be easily adopted and are relying on Maxi’s Mates for their future.

There are a few ways you can help. Please If you can spare as little as a £1 or you would like to donate more. We are pleading to the public to help, it will make the difference and security for our dogs .

Donations of food , we have a few food collection points and even one at kennels. We also have an amazon wishlist.

The 32 dogs we have in still need to be walked, cleaned and fed twice every day regardless.

Without regular volunteers, fund raisers and little income we are very vulnerable . We are asking for your help to allow us to ride this pandemic out.

Please support us in this great time of need.
We have always been so lucky with such wonderful support from people. We have never needed it as much as we do now . 🍀

For bank details please email for them to maxismates@gmail.com

For PayPal.
If you send to friends and family to email

Or donate button on the Maxi’s Most Wanted page

We are a dedicated charity that helps the stray dogs. We firmly believe ALL strays deserve another chance at finding that right home for them. We care deeply about dogs regardless of breed, age or whether they are sociable with other dogs or not. Maxi’s Mates will meet all their needs until this happens and for however long it takes. We will vaccinate, spay or neuter where possible and will home check every home. Our mission is to protect our stray dogs and provide a safe place for as long as they need.. After volunteering for three years at Waterfall Kennels, a council dog pound ,  we now have our own place. Maxi’s Mates Rescue & Rehoming Centre opened 2/1/16 as a result of Waterfall closing and a campaign to find a new alternative. We are at Carlin Howe Farm, Redcar Rd, Dunsdale, Cleveland. TS14 6RG. Our strays are mainly from the  Redcar & Cleveland Area and also the Hambleton Area.


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