Christmas day 2020

We would like to share our video edited by Hope Wray of the dogs on Christmas Day.
Thank you to all those people who donated to Maxi’s Mates at Christmas and throughout the whole of 2020.
Thank you to the staff and volunteers who gave up their time on Christmas Day and Boxing Day to make sure the dogs were all walked, fed and cared for as usual.
Thank you so much to the people that cooked all the food to make such a special meal for them. We had enough for both days. The dogs loved it.
Thank you to Santa who called by to give all the dogs an early present and also photographed by Hope Wray.
Again we can’t do what we do without the kindness of so many people. We are grateful and the dogs are so grateful as without it they wouldn’t have a home with us.
Let’s hope 2021 is better for everyone. Let’s hope 2021 sees more of our long termers adopted like Will. They deserve a home, they have been waiting for it for so long . Just needs someone to take a chance on them and allow them to fit in to their family . Rescue is the best thing ever.