Maxi’s finally moved in on 2/1/16. We are running at a quarter of our potential full capacity but the first phase has been completed and its thanks to all our volunteers and all those kind people who have donated to Maxi’s Big Build.
Please keep supporting us as we need to continue with the rest of the conversion so we can help more strays.
We have 10 dogs still in private boarding kennels , the ones left in the closing Waterfall pound. We would like to bring to our new kennels as soon as we have more spaces ready.
We helped 2 strays found on 1/1/16 and 4 on the 2/1/16. Thankfully 5 have gone home and the other one is waiting to be collected by his owners.
Amongst the lucky dogs that were reunited was a little terrier that had been missing since 19/12/15. Someone had handed him in to White Cross Vets and the out of hours service for Redcar & Cleveland Council rang us to pick him up. As soon as we saw him we knew he was the missing dog. Both Clyde and his extremely thankful owner were back together on 3/1/16.
Maxi’s Mates Rescue & Rehoming Centre got off to a flying start and we hope to be fully operational by the summer.


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